Tips on finding a real estate appraiser near you

Even if you do not have a lot of experience in working with NC real estate appraisers or property appraisers, it is possible to choose the right person for the job. Knowing the right person for the job is not complicated: just know about the qualification and traits that makes it possible to complete the job.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Are you looking for an estimate or appraisal? Asking for property appraisers near me or for real estate appraisers near me? The first place to start is asking whether you need general calculations or the actual appraisals. Estimates are necessary if you want to put the home on the sale market and are usually done by real estate agents. On the other hand, exact calculations -- commonly referred to as appraisals -- are done in consideration of a number of scientific factors and usually required for tax and loan purposes.

For instance, the exact calculations can help determine the type of mortgage needed by someone or the tax liability of a home owner. Trained individuals are required when doing appraisals.

2. Make sure the person is certified: Various states do certify their real estate, which gives them more credibility. Therefore, what you should actually be looking for is certified property appraisers near me or credible real estate appraisers near me. 

This is not a mark of quality of work the person will do, but at least it assures that they meet or will meet certain standards and are authorized to perform the activities.

If you are looking for certified appraisers, what to look for is State-Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser at minimum for a typical residential property appraisal. You can also confirm with state agencies that their issued license is active and in good standing.

3. Ask about their professional designations or memberships: There are several industry designations you can check such as the Senior Real Property Appraiser (SRPA) when looking for target appraiser memberships and designations.

The designations demonstrate the commitment of the appraiser for continuing education and ethical standards.

4. Inquire about the experience: Some appraisers work on a particular geographical location and others target specific clients such as schools, hospitals and others. Make sure to ask about their experience in working on these types of clients. These might be better placed to provide the service on your property if it falls in any of these areas. Also, experienced appraisers likely have more knowledge on completing the work faster and provide quality services, although they are likely to charge more fees.

5. Ask for references: You might get some information about an appraiser from the yellow pages. However, you can get further details by asking a lender, real estate agent, attorney, or accountant for an appraiser especially if they used them in the past. You could also check for reviews of appraisers, for instance from online platforms and request for further details from reviewers.  

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